CPV/PPV advice before going all-in – Have more money to

CPV/PPV advice before going all-in – Have more money to test than time

The title of my question thread says it all: Going to start taking start massive action to compliment my continual reading of forums (STM is pure awesome), blogs, and training guides.

I have some experience with CPV, got up a $100 lead but didn’t have the adequate tracking to duplicate it, and got a bit discouraged that I didn’t "know enough" so I started going back to the theory and instructions, and watching and listening others from the sidelines. But no action equals no profit, so here we go (I have a VPS and am using CPVLab for my tracking).

Also, I would like to become profitable "quicker" by having a higher risk tolerance, but I want to be smart about it, and not blow through $100s of traffic data without being able to make it up.

I have a few questions (regarding offer rotation and target selection). Obviously, only testing can really give me the truest answer, BUT in a general sense (for running offers on contextualized traffic):

1. Is it better to use a highly converting offer on the networks versus on the type of submit (X-number of page to a conversion payout, e.g. 1-page vs. 3 page offer)
2. Are the $5-range payout offers better than the $1 payouts (if I am willing to spend more on traffic data)
3. I am only going to use 20-40 targets (max) that have the most amounts of traffic, before expanding – is that way to to go?
4. Are URLs or keywords better
5. I’ll split through 3-5 offers – it better to test multiple campaigns in different niches (of 3-5 offers each), or test multiple campaigns within the same niche?
5. Recommended networks besides TV?
6. Should I target international traffic, if I want to monetize it big, or stick with a more-saturated US-market to get a cut of the revenue share?
7. LP should always be better in the short and long-term than direct-linking (even though it requires a bit more work)?
8. Was considering the insurance, financial vertical, is that a smart niche to start with?

Any other tips? Really am inspired and awe-struck by all the feedback & insider-info that’s in this forum!

User Comment:
tbh right off the bat your overthinking things a bit much….

so to simplify….I would do this…..

run some very basic stuff like a simple email/zip submit…….get a "feel" for targeting working out a converting lp…how to track and optimize stuff… to find keywords/urls that work

I would start at LI def not TV….and int traffic is fine….but its often more pricey on ppv…..

set a budget of like $50 or so…..setup a follow along camp here in the forum and get active feedback….. happy to help but the best thing you can do is get stuff setup and data flowing

User Comment:
Thanks, definitely realize I need more "doing" than studying.

Just another quick question, for you and the other forum members, how realistic is it to make a few thousand dollars with CPV/PPV in the next 30 days? *I have a little experience but not yet hitting hundred-dollars paydays or higher than that.

User Comment:
You mean "a few thousand dollars" a day or in total during 30 days ?

If it’s in 30 days you need to do only $200-$300/day which is very achievable with only 1 good campaign.

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