Crappy RPU’s…LP or Traffic Source?

I’m doing a quiz style lander and I’m running it on PPV traffic.

If I was getting RPU’s of even $.60 I would at least break even on my campaign…

But sadly I’m getting much worse.

After making a fair amount of improvements to the design of my landing page I’m getting about 2.43% of the users that view my page to complete the quiz, enter their information and at least view my coreg offer.

Unfortunately I’m completely stuck now…I can’t keep throwing money at it hoping to convert if it doesn’t work, and I just don’t know which part of the puzzle I should be working on next.

Here are my stats from GT

Users: 91
Clicks: 167
RPU: $.19
Revenue: $16.98
Pass Through Rate: 6.73%

P.S. My "results page" that shows the offer has the following header, which I thought would work well but so far no dice: "Your results are in! Get your PIN number below to see your score!"

User Comment:
quizzes + ppv can be tough depending upon what your doing….I have seen low RPU’s as well ……all I can suggest is give them a better reason to register/go thru the path…..I will say that you really should try for a higher CTR to the path…..when I have run successful quizzes on PPV its been with a conversion rate ( = them hitting the path) of 3+% I have seen it as high as 4+% which makes a big diff in profitability on ppv

User Comment:
i too am running a quiz style lander and getting RPU’s of like 45 cents which is not what I planned for.. was running w/a network getting 75 c per leads for damn near same offer too, ran in the same way.. so what’s the deal?

User Comment:
A lot of times the advertiser is going to be better at monetizing the lead than you are. They’ve been running it longer and are monetizing the lead on the back end as well. Just ’cause you rip their offer and send the user down a mobile path doesn’t mean you’re going to come out ahead. Optimize yo.

User Comment:
Monetize on the back end as in use the data? Could I somehow collect the data?

The Article Published IN 10-05-2011 04:07 AM

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