Creatives Question, Don’t wanna sound to noob haha..

Decided its time to jump into mobile marketing and I was just wondering do people make their own banners, or are the creatives made for the offers viable for mobile campaigns?

Whole new world out there haha so hoping to gather as much info as I can to get a headstart

Cheers guys

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I just started in mobile as well and while I haven’t tried the networks provided creatives I have made my own and it is an absolute pain in the ass to make different variations of banners. There are so many sizes available for mobile so it makes it so difficult.

Currently I start by making my own creative at 300×50 and then I just resize and save it in the rest of the mobile sizes.

If anyone can add how to make this easier it would be great

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if you got photoshop just make the 300×50 img then resize the img to each one of the sizes you need. Gets the job done in no time

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Polar made a awesome post the other day on how to resize images super fast using snagIT, torrent that shit!! to me this was a great find. here is the vid i can’t find the post

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Polars tutorial is great if you need to crank out a ton of ads. You can also create a macro to resize your images with a mac.

BUT… I don’t go that crazy you can crank out 25 unique ads and resize to the popular formats in 25 mins.

Like mentioned above start with 300×50 and go from there. Also, I found all you’re really trying to do is get high CTR ads at this point in mobile so dont spend enormous time with split testing, find what gets clicked then split test that ad with a few variations. Keep in mind ad decay is a bitch so if you let an ad run too long before testing it your results may not look great. Just pause that bitch wait a few weeks and run it again.

Good luck.

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I use ImageMagick for a lot of stuff. Check out mogrify for resizing. You can do it from a command line or script it. Just ssh to your server.

To resize all jpg’s in a directory it’s as easy as mogrify -resize 300×50 *.jpg

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bumping this old thread as I’m going through some older posts.. Another tool which is AWESOME and super fast for resizing, adding borders, sharpen and pretty much will cover every affiliate’s need is xnconvert and it’s FREE

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You will ALWAYS succeed using your own creatives over the creatives provided by the advertisers.. unless its a really crafty advertiser. So find banners for concepts and re-create your own!

For mobile specifically I’d test at least 10, it plays a big role on CTR

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What a good CTR to aim for on mobile ads? I’ve just started on JT, using my own banners and my highest CTR so far is 2.7%

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Correction to my last. I’m getting 5.0% on a certain banner. 2.7% was for the campaign.

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