CTR Drops like crazy!

Hi guys, got some questions and was wondering if anyone can help me out here. Ive load up 50 ads on POF. So I ran them for 1 day on a $20 budget to see which one performs the best. The ad with the highest CTR was 0.307%. So I paused all my other ads and ran it for another day. Then the CTR dropped to 0.044%. Am I doing something wrong here? Any advises on how to keep the CTR up?


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You may have dropped the others too early. PoF seems to depend highly on your impressions. The CTR for one of my ads was 1.26% but it was also only less than 100 impressions!

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Did you run to at least 500-1000 impressions before making cuts? I wouldn’t have cut all the ads. Just the ones with zero clicks.

Also, just to note that CTR isn’t going to be perfectly stable from day to day. You’ll need at least 3 days of data, but more likely a week to be able to make better descisions.

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also remember depending on the size of the demo your targeting…..banner blindness can set in quick on POF its not a huge site…..

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How many impressions did you have at the high & low CTR levels?

I tend to run 10-20 images with 2-3 ad copies per campaign (demo). At 1,000 impressions I expect 1 click or I cull it. AT 3,000 I expect 2 clicks or cull it. AT 5,000 impressions I expect over 0.08% CTR. If its below that will depend if all ads are scoring low. It could be either my creative or demo selection.

You should only run about 4-10 ads at a time per campaign depending on the daily traffic levels. I still upload lots of ads at the start, then after approval I deactivate most of them to run the first batch. As I cull poor performing ads I activate new ads. I tend to also run the same images at a time with different ad copy. That way if an ad performs well I can immediately compare it against another ad copy. Plus that data was reported from the same period giving me the most reliable stats.

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Thanks for all the advise guys.

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You ran 50 ads at once on a small budget. None of them got enough impressions to really tell if they were winnners or not. You grabbed what looked like a winner without having enough data to back it, and ran it solo. It got a ton of impressions and turned out to be a dud.

You need to play Creatives Thunderdome! *drumroll please*

Make 50 ads. Pause 45. Let 5 run until they get a couple thousand impressions each. Pause the losers, run the winners. Add more ads from the initial group to bring it up to 5 live ads. If there are already 5 live ads, add 5 more. Expand outward until you’ve exhausted all 50 ads, or are making so much money that you no longer give a fuck.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Hey I saw the training video you did for the POF spy tool. Just wondering where is that tool?

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Training video who did for the pof spy tool?

Also the spy tool is part of the AffExpert package – click on "Affexpert Tools" at the top of the page, you’ll find it there.

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Originally Posted by z6marketing

Expand outward until you’ve exhausted all 50 ads, or are making so much money that you no longer give a fuck.

advice worded like this is exactly why i come to STM

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