CTR Feedback and ramp up susgestions

Hi Guys,

I am running a campaign and need your feedback on typical CTR that
you should be happy with and possible ramp up suggestions because I
feel this campaign has a few $ to be made

I am running a hookup site CPA $4.50 payout. I am direct linking to the
offer and have tested all the offer pages and setteled on one

My stats so far today are

CPM = 0.47
Impressions so far = 125,435
CTR = 0.22%

the offer is converting at 2.98%

I am running several banners testing at the moment


Should I scale this up or should I try and tweak for higher CTR? Any advise would be great

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What traffic source is this with. Is this PPV? Are you using a lander?

Lets assume you’re CTR is to offer and converts at 2.98%

4.50CPA x 2.98% CR = .13 EPC

1000 Impressions * .22% CTR = 2.2 clicks per .47 CPM spend = .21 CPCs… thats almost double your EPC. You need to either double your CTRs or CRs or half your CPM

Hope this makes sense with the limitted info I have about your camp.

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Its probably adult, right?

Those high CTR’s are typical of over explicit banners that promise too much. A 3% conversion on a $4.50 offer is crap. You should test a better offer or get your banners in line with the offer itself.

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ok great feedback 3% not good enough what % should I start earning for?, It is adult traffic the banners were just plain nothing too explicit, It must be the offer page..

@Angry Russian thanks for breaking that down further ! I had not looked at the numbers that way. This is very valuable feedback from both of you thank you

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Ok thanks again guys Looking back on the stats I can see that at particular hours I was making 22c to 32c EPC its still probally not good enough so today just to get more confidence ill only run during those times, and start looking for a better offer

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IMO that’s not nearly enough data to start day parting. Run for at least 1 week before you even start doing that. Dating tends to do much better in the evenings – especially adult stuff.

Adult offers usually convert much lower. 10% would be very good if you are direct linking. You need to be careful with your banners because guys tend to click on it to see more pictures. They don’t really want to sign up to a dating site. You can try a landing page to bridge that "disconnect" or you can use your banners more carefully.

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@deondup , I think you hit it on the head there they probably are looking for more pictures.
do you think there is anyway of building a list off adult traffic? would people be willing
to opt in for that stuff?

I will run this for another few days get some more solid data, I guess its hard to know when
people are gonna b horny and be hitting these sites, its harder than trying to predict the weather

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Adult dating is HUGE money. Finding a good offer is the most important thing though. Try rotating though 5 or 6 offers to see what shows the most potential. You should get a lot of data to start drawing conclusions. By nature these offers aren’t as stable. The good ones are gold though.

Building a list, maybe but you need to give them a damn good reason to opt in. Emailing adult dating offers boarders too closely on Viagra-type emails for my taste and you will have to word your emails well just to get them past the spam box.

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Just to update you all. The value of having other people give an opinion here really pays off, thanks to deondup and the angry russian for their feedback looking at my mistakes from their experienced eyes

yesterday I ran the same banners and traffic but tested lots of new offers, and beacuse of what was said I started tweaking as the stats were coming in every 30 mins, and I think I have a valuable offer worked out now but I still need peoples opinion


I ran two traffic sources:

1) – 206k impressions CTR = 0.24% 492 clicks
2) – 26k Impressions CTR = 0.35% 90 clicks
Total Traffic cost = $103.24

I wasted about 3 hours tweaking to the right offer but the final numbers were
58 conversions @$4.50 =$261.00

$103.24 – $261 = $157.76 profit

I think if I turned off the other pages faster it might have been more the offer is converting 14.29% today. is there anything else i need to improve on?

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Nice camp…..what I would do next is try to scale……

step 1) ask am for bump tell him/her your gonna scale and you need a better payout
step 2) ask about any caps…or other issues with the traffic sent…best to get green lighted before you attempt to blow shit up……
step 3) take your best banner and about 10% of your trafic or so….and try to improve it…..increase cvr/ctr whatever just run a basic a/b test see if you can improve…
step 4) test new traffic sources….take it to a network like or others…..just start finding ways to bring more traffic…..

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Awesome, now I understand what you mean by "CAMP" i was like WTF a few times reading ur other posts, I will chat em this morning and see about caps etc, and of course bigger payout!

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Guys can I check someting with you that I find strange…. I have run this offer now 3 days staright and making 100 – 150% ROI but something has started to happin

Say for example the traffic stats said 400 people clicked, My tracking platform says in or around the same thing but the network is always saying between 20-25% less clicks are been received.

Yesterday I was 100+ clicks on the network short

does this seem strange to anyone ? or is that normal?

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