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Hey guys,

I know most of you have gotten a similar email (read below), last time I got one, they stated the campaign that was causing the problem. However, right now, they haven’t told me anything, I got some super clean campaigns running but I’m a bit worried they are checking these campaigns as well with all the drama that have been going on lately with dating campaigns.

I deleted the ads that I thought were not respecting the Facebook guidelines but I kept the rest. I sent them an email to see if they can tell me what’s wrong with my ads. What would you do with this?


We’ve noticed that you are currently running Facebook Ads that violate our Advertising Guidelines or Terms of Use.

The content of ads must accurately reflect the product or service advertised. Ads must clearly disclose what actions are required to receive the product or service. The landing page must also explicitly state to what extent a users information will be used or distributed.

Please delete any ads that violate these policies within 48 hours to bring your account into compliance with Facebook policies. Continuing to run ads that violate our policies may result in additional action being taken on your account, including possible termination.

If you have questions about ad content that may violate our guidelines, feel free to reply to this email.

Thanks for your cooperation,

The Facebook Ads Team

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Thanks for the heads up deondup, I don’t know if it matters, but the campaigns I run on this account are raking mid 4figs in rev and low 5 figs from time to time, I was double checking simply because I don’t really want to kill the campaigns but I will if the risk is too high. I emailed my rep yesterday but haven’t got any news, will call her tomorrow and will keep you guys posted. Meanwhile, if any of you have had similar experiences (having very good campaigns, legit campaigns that are doing well), let me know!

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I’m afraid my recent experience is that Facebook is on a rampage to "clean up" their platform.

In the thread above you’ll see Jordan’s comment that this is a "blanket" email they seem to send out. I had it a few times and its often when one particular ad got a few complaints. I wouldn’t kill the campaigns but make sure that any ads that you know is risky are gone – at least until the heat is off you

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I got an email yesterday regarding dating offers…. I nuked everything to do with dating. I’m going to look at getting some new accounts but in the meantime i’m going to look at other traffic sources.

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Just an update, didn’t delete my campaigns (just a few), the account is still running and spending like madness

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milk it mate!

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I’ve just received the same message,

how to contact them ? (since the email came from [email protected])

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Could it be this the problem ?

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