Dabbling in newer traffic sources! Stressed from your current traffic

Dabbling in newer traffic sources! Stressed from your current traffic sources?

Posting this for anyone who’s fed up with current traffic sources and wants to seek new opportunity’s.

I’m slowly dabbling in traffic sources aside from the usual big guys we all know of. It’s a lot of work, a lot of emailing, calling, and testing new systems but it will be worth it. This probably isn’t something you want to do as a brand new affiliate as it takes quite some time and money, but if your determined don’t let that stop you.

I’ve been specifically looking for media in a specific niche for 1 campaign of mine, and then general traffic sources as well for another campaign.

An amazing place to find new traffic sources eagerly looking to meet new advertisers is ad-tech, and if you can’t go, no worries, you can view all the exhibitors here:…xhibitors.aspx

All countries have different exhibitors at their ad-tech shows, so if your looking for more Asian targeted traffic then look at the exhibitors at the Tokyo or Singapore ad-tech.

Now you have to break down what your looking for, self serve or media buying agencies. Then visit sites and start seeing some new oppurtunity’s.

I’ve found at least 15 self serving platforms in the last couple weeks, I’d love to test them all but that’s just not going to happen so I’m doing 3 right now, and the goal will be to eventually move my campaigns over to larger media buys.

In my opinion the best way to conquer this new traffic source hunt is to first have an idea of 1-2 campaigns you want to run. They can be campaigns you’ve previously made $ with, or campaigns that broke even, or new campaigns.. just have an idea of what you want to run. This will help you a lot to determine if a traffic source is worth your time. A lot of the traffic sources you view will have info about them, such as "we usually deal with XYZ advertisers", or "most of our ads are published in XYZ sites", and if your advertising ‘ABC’, you’ll know this traffic source isn’t your best option right now. That’s the best way to not end up with 50 new traffic sources you want to test and then be overwhelmed. Always keep an open mind though in case a certain new traffic source sparks an idea for a campaign.

So with that in mind,
Brain storm some campaign ideas, then start your hunt. – Start off with ad-tech exhibitors, and then search Google/Alexa. Google ads too (make sure your using a VPN if your not in the US, a ton of traffic sources only advertise in the US)

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Ad tech is great for traffic!

Im gonna visit as many stands as I can tomorrow/thursday and build my lists of contacts with traffic networks.

Ill share the details here.

Also – if you havent seen it – you might wanna refer to a post that the Awesome Unicorn did:…-Your-Pleasure

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