Daily Ad Creation Limit?

I tried searching around the forum, but couldn’t find anything (I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere)

Is there a certain number I should stay under when creating new ads and campaigns each day?

Here’s my plan:

I want to add 3 new campaigns and a total of 150 ads to my Facebook account each day.

Does that sound like something that would get me in any trouble with Facebook?

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You should be fine. I was throttled (once) at about 600 (had 1200 queued) … just don’t submit them too fast. This info is about 6 months old.

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less then 200 a day..

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Thanks a lot for the help guys

I’m going to keep it to 150 just to be safe!

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Yep you should be fine with 150. I know accounts were getting temp suspended a couple months back due to uploading around 300+ ads/day

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Awesome man, thanks for your input!

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Yeah I keep it at max. 200 ads per day and never had any troubles 🙂

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Is there a limit? There are days when I’ve created +500 ads per day, and never had any problems. I’ve created well over 120,000 unique Facebook ads so far. My limit is $5k per day.

The Article Published IN 06-23-2011 11:13 PM

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