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I saw nypost article "Google goes wild for deals"

How is it possible "to aggregate offers from groupon site." And not get sued or fined . What the catch.

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Can you be a little more specific?

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One of the domainer guys I know does it on check it out

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techr, if what sm1810 posted is what you’re looking for, there are a couple ways to achieve that.

1. WordPress using their plugin (it can automatically arrange by area AFAIK):…for-wordpress/

2. Groupon API – Hire someone to program exactly what you need using the API.

I believe LivingSocial has it’s own API as well so you could feasibly have someone program something that aggregates and arranges from multiple sources.
A few others use simple RSS feeds.

The Article Published IN 08-19-2011 05:37 PM

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