Daily Scheduling and Workload Management

This is a bit of an interesting topic which doesn’t really get covered much.

How do you schedule your days and manage your workloads typically? It’d be interesting to see the difference between the full timers and part timers.

Personally when I was doing this full time i would typically plan 3 main tasks the night before of what i wanted to have completed. Then on Sundays set out weekly tasks which were higher priority, and then monthly targets.

I would find this would sometimes become a hindrance when tasks would bottleneck e.g. FB ads disapprovals by the hundreds 3 out of 4 times. As a result my campaign creation and turnaround slowed dramatically, fewer campaigns being tested ultimately meant fewer successful campaigns and slower cash flow.

Now i’ve taken a break from this industry for about a year to explore other careers, but since i’m pursuing web development (and sales) I will be continuing to promote. So hearing from others will help, what i’m looking at is if you;

a.) Set aside general campaign output targets and alter tasks depending on the days events.

b.) Assign days to separate campaign areas, e.g. Mondays for Keyword testing and niche research, Tuesdays to further develop and narrow down possible campaign etc.

c.) Any other approach.

It’d be interesting to hear…

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I have crazy hours since I am a stay at home dad and my wife works 12 hour night shifts at the hospital and I end up watching my kids during the day and filling in work when ever I can.

What I do is set up a to do list that covers the week.

Since most of my income currently originates from ranked sites, most of my time is taken up by building back links (web 2 properties, articles) that get blasted with xrumer and scrapebox.

After that I start working on this aspect of the business and right now that tends to be learning what I can from resources such as this site and testing campaigns on Facebook.

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This is the reason I’m not a millionaire. I have the best intentions of getting work done every day but I lack a clear schedule so I tend to drift into other stuff, like video games, or relentlessly checking my email, etc.

I’m going to act on my sudden burst of inspiration and hop over into my google business apps account and start organizing my day for tomorrow in my calendar. Hopefully between that and the alerts on my phone it will keep me on task.

If anyone has any advice on how they manage to keep themselves on task, I’m all ears.

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Figure out what stops you from being unproductive and write them down.

This is/was my list:

1. People.
I distract them, they distract me.

2. Excuses .
Everyone can make any excuse not to get shit done. Honestly you can make an excuse for anything. "I’ll wait on this, i’ll wait on that, this person isn’t online, oh reviewers are probably sleeping, bla bla bla bla. SHUT UP AND DO IT.

2. Online poker, or games
Easy time wasters. I haven’t bought a console in like 6 years, I know I have an addictive personality so I stay away.

3. Lunch
I used to go to lunch with friends, but it took up an 1.5hrs of key time in the middle of the day. When I’m in the zone I don’t want to get distracted so I eat while working.

4. Skype
That is one thing I need to manage better.

I found that focusing on getting rid of things that wasted my time was a lot more effective than writing to-do list etc.

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

2. Online poker, or games
Easy time wasters. I haven’t bought a console in like 6 years, I know I have an addictive personality so I stay away.

I had to cut out all games since they end up taking to much of my time. These things are huge time wasters and can easily take a couple of hours of your time if you do not watch out.

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Try using this to do tool – . Just load it full of tasks you need to do and tick them off as you complete them.

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Another great toll just like can be found here

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Wunderlist looks class!

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is cool to track where and what u spend ur time on… just dont let that become ANOTHER distraction.

I use Productv/Astrix for my online and smartphone synced to-do list and project mngmnt

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For me the biggest motivator is setting up a reward structure for completion of tasks.

For example everytime I complete a to-do that was a pain or didn’t want to do I’ll reward myself with a "fap" session.

Also, if I hit a certain rev/day I’ll reward myself with a nice dinner, night out, etc.

The down side with this strategy is when I can’t seem to get anything to stick, I become unmotivated since I don’t see little wins, and instead of rewarding myself I tend to punish myself by staying in, etc. It’s a brutal cycle and often times hard to snap out of.

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Fap sessions indeed…. lol

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