Data is the king

I’ve just finished a successfull email submit campaign promoting Primark in the UK. The competition winner gets 3,000 to spend with them. At their prices you’d pretty much get the whole fecking store! LOL

Anyway, I ran a parallel campaign but with the winner getting to spend in Tesco this time.

Now, as Tesco also has food, electricals and goodness only knows what else, I gussed that it would be far more popular to cash strapped families. But I was dead WRONG. Not 1 single conversion!!!!

Just shows you that you never can call it in AM. The data really is king.

User Comment:
lol, Primark is indeed the inverse of clothes snobbery…….go down any high street in the UK and its the one bag you will see more of than anything else. And the people carrying them come from every demographic.

Whilst Tesco is simply a Chav store

So the results you have seen are very interesting……Primark customers will more likely be online and keen to get a bargain, Tesco customers dont even know what a PC is and are just looking forward to the next Giro.

The Article Published IN 07-31-2011 07:29 PM

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