Dating Ad Copy That Gets You High CTR but Gets

Dating Ad Copy That Gets You High CTR but Gets Approved As Well???

Alright so been testing with a few ad copies to see what works, and I keep on getting denied and saying Im calling out attributes.

I dont want to stick with just Meet singles here.. or something lame like that.

Whats some examples of good ad copy that will get approved for dating??


User Comment:
write a boring ad that is 100% legit and test 20 images.

Take the 2 best performers and start testing ad copies. IMO, the ad copy does not count for too much. Image + headline!!!

In general you cannot call out user attributes like you can on POF. You can to an extent if you landing page corresponds to what you say in your ad.

User Comment:
call out user attributes but do it in a more subtle way.. target based on interests and keywords find pics of girls relevant to the topic and use a headline like "like ____ girls?" "Women Who Love To Go ______" etc.

split test a lander that is relevant as well and chances are your ROI will be good. be careful that the topics you choose are not a stretch or too niche because if you do chances are the quality will suck and you won’t be on the offer very long..

(HINT HINT—> go on POF select a demo (white males age 22-28 in US etc.) read a sample of profiles see what activities they like and what many people mention/have in common this will give you tons of ideas to test)

The Article Published IN 06-24-2011 06:22 PM

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