Dating Day/Week Parting – When are bachelors hungriest?

I’m kicking off a couple of dating campaigns and I’m curious to know what sorts of experiences those more adept in the dating niche have had in terms of what days of the week / times of day bachelors seem to be hungriest.

I’m working with display, interruption-style campaigns — nothing search/intent related.

So far it seems I’m having better luck with the evening and afternoon hours than with the morning hours.

As for days of the week, I don’t have enough data yet to really draw any conclusions. Interestingly, if you look at traffic trends for sites like POF (, traffic peaks on Mondays, descends throughout the week and reaches a low on Fridays before picking up over the weekend towards a Monday peak again.

Anyone found a similar pattern for dating conversions?

User Comment:
this may answer your questions…ghlight=dating

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makes sense… remember its a dating site. So try thinking about their traffic like you would a single person. Think about your weekend… most go out, don’t meet anyone and then spend sunday and monday checking out prospects for that week, so they don’t end up alone next weekend.

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