Dating FB Apps, Anyone?

Did anyone running these offers notice a huge decrease in conversion rates today?

User Comment:
Is this still the case today? I was just looking at Dating Apps on FB.

Btw – do you have to cloak when doing apps on FB these days, or do they accept them?

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They accept some, really depends on which ones and who’s reviewing. (theres no official rule on them, so technically there allowed but i know forsure they banned benaughty/flirt)

User Comment:
Looks like the advertiser finally found the way to ROI: Scrubbing! Conversion dropped big time.

User Comment:
Hey klax, don’t think scrubbing is at work here.

It’s natural for conversion rates to drop over time, it happens
to me all the time.

Initially I thought that CTR is the only thing that drops over
time, but I learnt that CR drops as well.

How long did your campaign remain profitable?

On one of my campaigns, I had a $200 profit the first day and a
-$100 the second day, and I really don’t think scrubbing was
the reason.

The Article Published IN 04-06-2011 01:41 AM

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