Dating frustrations!

…not frustrations with dating per se (the wife would kill me), but frustrations with dating offers.

I was spoiled a couple of weeks ago, when I was running an offer that gave me an EPC of around 0.70. I was direct linking, and one in every 6-8 clicks was converting. I was happy because I was getting clicks for around 0.40.

I haven’t been pushing dating offers long enough to know whether this was a complete freak anomaly, the likes of which only occur every few thousand years, or if it’s just a case of finding the ‘right’ offer?

They since changed the targeting on the offer and it’s EPC has dropped to the point of me no longer making bank.

I’m testing other dating offers in the same niche (single parents) and also mature/senior dating, but they are just not converting for me. I’ve sent over 100 clicks to a couple of offers at Wolf Storm today, and got one conversion! EPC of 0.04.

Anyone working in dating willing to offer up some advice?

User Comment:
Best I’ve gotten direct linking dating offers on pof was around .50 epc. Have you tried out speeddate or

The Article Published IN 03-28-2011 05:29 PM

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