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Hi Stackers,

Launched a test campaign on POF targeting Females ( all ages ) in the UK.

1 – 300 x 250 Banner approved. Offer is not gender specfic, only country.

Has anyone running ads on POF come across these messages before.

On my Manage Campaigns page:

Click on campaign and see this:

Your currently approved/pending creatives have target criteria assigned;
at least one creative must exist without targeting for the campaign to run properly.

I guess that means I need another ad untargeted – seems weid – why would I upload an ad without any targeting.


User Comment:
On PoF you can target at 2 levels:

1) overall targeting at the campaign level (ie UK males)
2) within a campaign – each creative can then have some additional targetting ontop (ie 16-30,30-45)

I never use the 2nd level of targettnig but my understanding of the msg above is that the creatives need at least 1 creative within a campaign without any targetting.

Hope this resolves your issue.

User Comment:
Indeed, if you’re choosing to use creative-level targeting, you MUST have a creative that has no targeting in it (just so our system correctly picks up your campaign for ad delivery). Creatives WITH targeting in them always take priority for impression delivery over the default creative so technically, you could run a campaign and have 0 traffic go to the default creative.

To accomlish this, cover all targeting options from the campaign level with your creative-level targeting. So for example, you’re targeting 20-30 year olds in your campaign and in the creatives you have:

Creative A: targeting 20-25
Creative B: targeting 26-30
Creative C: default creative w/ no targeting

All traffic from 20-25 yr olds will go to A, all traffic from 26-30 yr olds will go to B and since that "covers all your bases", creative C will receive no impressions.

I hope that clarifies things!

The Article Published IN 02-26-2011 11:17 AM

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