Direct linking a PPV

If you’re direct linking a PPV campaign it’s unlikely the offer that pops is going to fit in a 740x500px browser window – the end user will only see a small part of the offer.

So do you do anything like resizing the offer window?

Wouldn’t doing something like that be against ‘the rules’.

You could bait and switch it I suppose.

User Comment:
The reason I ask is that I set up a direct linking campaign through LI.

Out of 300 clicks to the offer there wasn’t a single lead.

I realise 300 isn’t a lot to go on, but I only used ~30 keywords which were all extremely targeted to the offer.

The only thing I can think is that the offer wasn’t displaying prominently enough in the browser window that popped.

Looking at the offer report, all the subids match up, and the click count matches prosper.

User Comment:
It influences a bit , but from my experience the difference is not huge unless the call to action is not visible in the pop.

Honestly I wouldn’t risk losing my account just to test it.

User Comment:
OK, cheers.

I’ve done some further investigation and it looks as though someone’s bidding on the offer landing page.

I didn’t notice this morning. Grumble grumble… time for some counter-bidding

The Article Published IN 08-09-2011 03:46 PM

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