Direct Mailing/Outgoing Sales Calls?

I have a service I want to sell to newly incorporated businesses. I have the leads and would like to start a campaign. I have no email addresses, just business name and phone number and mailing address.

What would you recommend I do with this data?

User Comment:
I have knowledge in direct mail, and started a company 5 years ago out of college. I became interested in how I ended up with specific or targeted messages in the mail. It is still a utilized marketing channel and can work for "some" business owners. In fact one client spent $6,000 and turned it into $80k on one mailing. I was a superstar for this business owner. However, I have seen complete failures on campaigns where a minimum of $2k was spent and not one response. U then look like a complete jackass and a possible fraudster, that’s no fun.

So, with regards to your service, is the price point high? Does it justify the difficulty in testing? Just like affiliate marketing testing is so important, and almost 9 times out 10 is overlooked by business owners no matter how much I tell them how important.

So going back to your question "would you do this with this data?" – possibly. My questions, how fresh is the data, is it run through any update service, what marketing collateral will u use to promote, and can u apply a intelligent mail barcode to your piece to get max postage discounts (postage cost could be as low as .14 cents) depending on your list. If your willing to divulge a little more I can help.

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 05:49 AM

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