DirectCPV so slow…

Anyone else experience this? I thought it was just certain days but every time I log in and try to add targets or anything really it loads forever. Is it just me?

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Yea, I logged in today for the first time a 6 months, and it was unbearably slow.

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For the last 2 weeks been this way. This could mean a ton of people are using it. They neednto upgrade their server…

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Crazy slow, ran my first campaign with them and got no traffic(1st bidder). 3 days later I get a torrent of traffic and they charge me for 53% more clicks than cpvlab reports.

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I wonder if they are running their business on a Hostgatopr BabyCroc account?

The speed varies, for me, according to the time of day. But sometimes I wait forever while that darn popup loads during the login process.

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Just got an email from them saying they’re upgrading their advertiser area tonight (between 5:30pm and 9am tomorrow, Pacific time).

Supposedly, this will:
-increase the speed of the advertiser area
-offer better control of campaigns
-simplify process of creating a campaign

These are exciting times!

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DirectCPV still do business ? I sent several emails since last week, but no response so far…

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They fast now working great. Just can’t figure out there damn returned keyword / url variables. Confusing.

The Article Published IN 08-26-2011 06:01 AM

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