Do you need to be an affiliate of a CPA

Do you need to be an affiliate of a CPA network in order to start promoting on POF?


I am fairly new to CPA offers. I have been doing affiliate SEO stuff through Clickbank for the last few months and have had some mild success. However I feel that paid traffic is diff the way to go since you can see immediate results to see what is working/converting and what is not working. So my questions are

1. Is it best to be an affiliate of a CPA network before advertising on POF?

2. I recently was denied by neverblue as an affialte. How soon can I reapply and is there anything I could mention to better my approval?

3. Has anyone had any success with promoting Clickbank offers with POF? I think it would make more sense to promote a "Cost Per Action" type offer then an actually product where someone has to pull out their credit card and buy something on POF?.

4. Where and what would you recommend a newbie start of with in the CPA/Paid Traffic realm? I know this is a rather broad question but where would you recommend I focus my time and resources towards first? I currently have a budget of $250/wk. The more detailed a response would be hugely appreciated!!

I appropriate any input and advice! Thanks!

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If your looking to start doing clickbank on PoF some people have done it like Mr Green check out his thread:…ight=Clickbank

CPA offers are the majority of whats promoted on PoF so it might be a good option to start there and see what you can get working. Theres a good guide for PoF on the forums.
Have you tried calling up neverblue to ask why you got declined? Try and talk to them over the phone it will greatly help you out.

Hope this helps

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1. Yes, I would suggest joining a CPA network since CPA offers are way easier to convert ( and you see results faster ) than CB offers. Although the $ is higher with CB the conversion rate will be substantially lower.

2. Just hit up Coop from Wolfstormmedia or Ryan Eagle from the EWA Network they will likely approve you into their networks. Wolfstorm Media has also great and valuable training for beginners. ( Can’t tell about EWA because I’m not in, yet. )

3. Mr.Green made a great post on it here.…kbank-Campaign

4. I think dating offers are best to start with on PoF and you can get more creative after that when you know what you’re doing. ( This is what I’m currently doing ).

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Dating is a great place to start on PoF because, well, it’s a dating site. People are looking to meet other people, so it’s an easy fit. Problem is, tons of other people are promoting dating on PoF so if you’re not creative about it, you won’t do so well.

Not to say you can’t run generic dating campaigns on there and make money. You can, but it won’t be much and the probability of it happening is low.

If you want to promote non-dating, there’s less competition but it’s also harder to make it work and you should probably come at that with some knowledge and some money.

Pick a dating offer that pays decently and is doing well on whatever network you get into, but stay away from the Mate1,, etc type offers. Anything you’ve seen on tv is probably a bad idea, since everyone is familiar with it. In my experience the exception to this is, that does well, and BlackPeopleMeet, the various Christian sites, etc which are all popular and have TV spots but seem to still do ok if you promote them right.

Get a fairly generic offer and find a non-generic angle to take with it. Instead of targeting men and saying "meet hot girls!" like everyone else, target men in a certain city who like to drink and tell them "Meet hot girls from (their area) for a drink at (local bar) tonight!" Or better than that, do a little research, pick a hobby or sport and find the matching demographic, and promote that group’s hobby or sport to them. Find the demographic for soccer fans in california and tell them that they can meet girls who will watch the world cup with them. Or find men who are under 5’5" and love hiking and tell them they can meet women who love hiking, camping – and short guys.

Once you find an angle that works for you keep testing new images, ad texts, rotate in new offers, etc. PoF is one of those traffic sources where if you’re not constantly testing new stuff, your campaign will die quickly. It requires a lot of effort but once you hit something, it’s worth it.

More than anything just get in there and test something. Don’t spend hours and hours debating the smallest details and worrying about what will happen. You’ll never see results if you don’t make campaigns. And don’t freak out if you lose a little money – you need to lose money to make money, in this industry. The money isn’t "lost" anyway – think of non-converting campaigns as buying data on certain demographics. That’s how I think of it and it makes it easier to swallow a loss that way.

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Wow, this is all awesome advice! Thank you all so much! I agree with you z6marketing that I just have to jump in and get wet!! I just wanted to make sure that POF was they best traffic source to start with as a beginner! Again thank you!

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z6marketing, quality post as always!

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