Does the lander have to be "related" to the actual

Does the lander have to be "related" to the actual offer?

Hi all,
just saw someone’s post saying his campaigns got disapproved and one of the reasons was "The landing page is not related to the actual offer".

I remember Jordan showed us one of his ppv campaigns and his lander was asking a question: was Justin Bieber first discovered on youtube? then a submit offer…would that be considered "related"??


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It was somewhat related, by asking them to submit a offer.

It can’t be a ipad offer and then landing page is about losing weight lol

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yeah I thought so…but they can still disapprove it by saying Justin has nothing to do with a submit offer…

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I had the same problem man, I will bookmark your thread to see the answers

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oh yeah now I can remember it was you that made the initial post…LOL

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I have campaign like this approved by saying this: Answers the question and win $500 VIsa GC, add disclaimer.

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I’ve had a few campaigns disapproved by LI that were similar in vein to Jordans. It’s usually about the disclaimer deal. If you email LI they are usually pretty helpful – even explicitly stating that you should write something like "Offer not affiliated with Justin Bieber". No biggie. Just add it and make sure it’s above the fold. Done.

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