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I run over 200 Job Sites targeting separate job markets. We have been doing it old school style which is get job seekers, and then try to get employers doing paid job postings. I think we can make a TON more money changing the model to trying to collect information related to Education and sell the lead to an education monetization company or call center.

So with that said, is anybody else in here in the education lead space and can offer any tips on what affiliate networks may be best to work with on this type of traffic. Thanks in advance.

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That’s a lot of sites? How many uniques & leads do you get on a daily basis? (if you don’t mind sharing)

I don’t think you’ll want an affiliate network in this case because your technically ‘the affiliate’, you want someone who will buy the leads you collect right?

There’s 2 models that come to mind:
1. You can promote other education lead gens from advertisers that range from culinary, to fashion design. They pay between $12-30 per lead and you have no work to do on your end, but it wouldn’t cover every job niche you have.
2. Like you said collect all the info yourself and sell them. I know someone who works with a ton of people in the edu niche, i don’t know if he’d be able to help you, but if your interested PM me and i’ll give you his details.

The Article Published IN 04-25-2011 02:06 AM

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