Email marketing course?

Hey Guys,

Can anyone please point me in the direction of a quality email marketing course with someone who actually knows what they are doing?


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Auto Responder Madness 2

heres my aff link

heres the normal link

im a big fan of Andre. He puts out great stuff and has a very different mailing style then the guru’s that just blast.

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Really appreciate that tijn – many thanks.

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I 2nd that Autoresponder 1+2 are excellent.

Another to consider is Ben Settle…IMO hes a email marketing genius not to mention a highly sought after copywriter…which always helps when writing engaging and persuasive email copy!

He has a product called street-smart email its not cheap but its worth its weight in gold you can find it here

Shortly after I bought it, a friend told me he found it on one of the torrent sites. I always think people should be compensated for sharing quality but thats just me!

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