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Hey Stackers,

I am looking for people who might be interested in a Rev share opportunity. If you have an email list that you would like to make more money from then this is a great opportunity. If you are interested just shoot me a PM and lets get started..

I am slso interested in Rev share with my list if there is any other mailers here that are interested.


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What niche(s)?

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Any niche market.

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Are you running the emails personally all brokering through a company?

Not getting into an mischief are we mickey ?

I got some list that are in need of love.

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No I’m not getting into any mischief mate. It’s all legit.
I am running the emails myself, I have been mailing friends lists and my own for awhile now with great success, so I though i would share the love.
Hit me up on skype if your keen Mr Green.

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What delivery %’s by ISP?
How much can you send a day?
What revshare %?
What system are you mailing with?
Sending newsletters or general creatives?

We’re building a bunch of coreg offers we’re going to buy for internally and will have probably 50k new records a day so we’re looking around for partners. I have 2 right now already. Let me know.

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Sent you a PM Smaxor

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