EMAIL Traffic – looking for clarity on suppression lists

Got a few questions about sending offers via email…

In my follow-along PPV campaign, I’m now starting to build a list in the financial niche. And I’m going to send them some CPA offers.

Building a list is not new to me; but CPA via email is…

So my questions are centered around the suppression list.
From what I understand, it’s to make sure you don’t send an offer to someone who’s opted to never receive that offer / an offer from that company ever again – correct?

So…do I need to use the suppression list:
1) If I built my list with double-optin?
2) Single optin?
3) Only if I use the advertiser’s email creatives?
4) Every time I mail out that offer, no matter what?
5) What about if emails send people to a WEB PAGE from which they then go to the offer?

User Comment:
If you use your own suppression file you should be fine. However, you may get more complaints if you don’t use the advertisers suppression file which may lead to loss your server, etc. To the user, they don’t care if YOU are sending them the advertisement or the next guy – They don’t want to see that advertisement and to them it’s the brand. If they have opted out, they most likely don’t want the product anyway..

User Comment:
Interesting re: loss of server. That brings up another question; at what point should I get my own server?
At 10,000 leads? 100,000 leads?

Right now I’m just using services like aweber & getresponse…& know people with 6-figure lists who do the same…

User Comment:
Basically i have about the same questions so I’m going to use this thread:

If i collect double-optin emails using aweber to promote clickbank’s products, where can i find a suppression list ?

User Comment:
If you built the list yourself, 99.9% of the time you should be fine. Supression lists, from what I understand, are mainly for people that buy lists or maintain 8 to 9 digit sized lists. You should tell your account manager that you just "Mailed the Supression List" and see what htye say LOL

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