Email/Zip Submit Offers – Target 18+

Anyones dog can make their first $100 profit off email submits. However a few percent of people hit it big, because most just cannot provide the quality needed to stop the deathly scrub.

Sometimes as affiliates we are guilty of not researching our offer thoroughly enough.

Let me show you an example of a typical email submit:

Users go through a few forms etc, but in the end get taken to the almighty offer wall.…ard2011051.jpg

Did you know that in order to make the majority of email/zip submits profitable for advertisers users must be 18+? If you look at the example above most of those offers can only be filled out if a user has a credit card. They are just not appealing to younger demographics.

That means if you’re targeting demographics like Bieber fans, it would be wise to send the under 18’s (or whatever ages typically don’t own credit cards) over to another offer. E.g IQ Quizzes.

Or, an even smarter idea would not be targeting under 18 dominated categories.

User Comment:
True. I made one campaign that was making 200-500$ profit per day combining one lander and email/zip submit offers. Unfortunately I didn’t have any offer without a BIG scrub on it after few days of running this campaign . The problem was it was targeted to very young demo (flasg games, kids sites, cartoon network, disney, barbie etc.). When I found a good offer it was scrubbed to almost 0% CR after 5-10 hours of running it. If some offers will convert like on start (0.15-0.20 EPC’s) it will be making 1000$+ a day.

I will try to convert this campaign to adult demo, maybe the scrub wont be as high as it was for teens and kids.

User Comment:
Yeah your building on sand if you go for the young demos. You have to constantly switch out offers over different networks.

This audio here is a good example of how to word things on your lander produce get good quality leads (ignore the mention of shipping address etc).

User Comment:
Exactly how I killed submits my first year on Face book until they caught on 😛

The Article Published IN 05-17-2011 11:54 PM

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