End Game on Download Offers?

Hey everyone,

Quick question regarding download offers:

What is the monetization route that these advertisers have?

Are these offers made to get adware on computers for contextual?

I know that game downloads like to monetize off of in-game "inventory" – but I’m a little lost on the other ones.

Thanks for your help

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Many download offers = toolbars. They serve you ads via pops, offer search bars (monetize) and do all sorts of dodgy stuff with dropping cookies. Pagerage ec. use it to serve you ads in Facebook and there are quite a few variations on the theme.

Many browser games rely on players spending money inside the game & on buying "stuff", game upgrades, quests and stuff like that. They don’t make money elsewhere as far as I know.

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Thanks a lot for the information man – so for downloads outside of the gaming niche does the targeting really matter to the advertiser?

Or do they just care about getting the software/app on as many computers as possible?

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On lead campaigns quality is always an issue. As long as you don’t do dodgy stuff like silent downloads you’d be okay. Many of them have quite strict guidelines though because they don;t want to get blacklisted on major traffic sources. MindSpark comes to mind – they have absurd guidelines and if you want to follow it 100% its quite tough.

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Originally Posted by deondup

MindSpark comes to mind – they have absurd guidelines and if you want to follow it 100% its quite tough.

^^^Lemme know if you have any questions about Mindspark download offers. I can help.

All Mindspark downloads monetize via search revenue, and they know precisely how much money each download is worth to them. So if you send incentivized traffic or some other garbage, you won’t last long.

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billions via IPO ala Zynga?

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We’ve always done well with IAC’s offers, especially Zwinky and MyWebFace. Zwinky was killing it for us all last year.

What I’ve gathered is a lot of download offers are just a way to get people to install adware. People are building CPV networks. There’s a lot of private networks out there that don’t sell traffic, and that’s what the endgame should be if you own a download offer. If you have a private traffic source, you have no competition. Any conversions are all profit since you’re not paying for the traffic, so you can test shit that would be a huge expensive waste of time on a mainstream network. If you can’t monetize the traffic with your own offers effectively, you can open up 20% of the traffic to affiliates, and make bank off that since they’re paying even if it doesn’t make them any money. If you don’t want to market anymore at all, you can either sell all the traffic inventory and make your money that way or hire an internal team to monetize the traffic.

Owning a traffic source is definitely a good place to be if you’re in this industry.

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Whoa, I didn’t even think of that. Seriously, I’m getting tired of having my mind blown every time you post something man lol

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