Every Profitable Ad Gets Retro’d Around Midnight (EST)?

Yesterday was a great day, I finally got ONE of my dating ads profitable. I only had a CTR of .120-.135% but my clicks were coming in at around .50-.55 cents and my EPC was around .70 cents, so I was actually making some money !

The bad news: the ad got retro disapproved around midnight Eastern time. This has happened to ALL of my ads that get profitable with a decent CTR.

How can I avoid this? Does this happen to everyone? Do I just re-submit it or not risk it?

User Comment:
well the question would be here is why do they get disapproved?

what does fb say?

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The first time it happened it was for having an image that wasn’t allowed, this last time (just last night) was from "multiple users reporting the ad". My image wasn’t showing any skin or even sexual + my ad copy just utilized urgency/scarcity to get people to signup. Any thoughts :/?

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Not sure. Maybe your flagged for a daily review and that is what time the reviewer gets in? I have never had anything with Facebook ever be consistent. Open a new account or post a 100’s of boring ads for a bit to get them off your back.

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Your ads shouldn’t continuously get retro’d. Give it a day or 2 breather or what @mattias said. Sometimes its just a string of badluck from reviewers

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 03:47 PM

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