Excluding smartphones…without the option to exclude smartphones

Got this question in a PM:

I’ve a question, got an offer that don’t allow any smartphones. But my ad network won’t let me choose "exclude all smartphone".

I’d got a couple of options to use:

Java Version (Any Java or MIDP 2.0)
Symbian Series (Series 60, Series 80, Series 90)
Screen width (Small (120 x 20) Medium (168 x 28) etc)

Can I use on of this options to exclude all smartphones?

1) All of those options can exclude smartphones.
Just don’t select Android OS, iOS or 300×50 / 320×48 / other smartphone sizes

2) Questions like these should be placed in the forums, not sent in private PMs…there is nothing personal here, other people can benefit, and even more importantly, other people who know more can pitch in.

3) Questions like this in a PM make me feel like I’m working a support desk.

’nuff said.

Hope that helps.

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Oh – and no Windows 6 / 7 OS either.

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Here’s more:…ms#Smartphones

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this is great, I’ve been looking for this for a while. big ups!

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I vote to make Liane a MOD!!

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Originally Posted by The Angry Russian

I vote to make Liane a MOD!!

I second the motion.

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