Experience with scholarships on ppv?

I’m planning my scholarship campaign for ppv (Trafficvance and LI)… anyone here who have had some success promoting this offers?

I was thinking of something like this (for the landingpage):


Need Money For College?

We Are Giving Out $10,000 Scholarships To People From XXX- Register Now! Only (7) Spots Left This Week!


Targets for ppv:

local universities
community colleges
finish degree
high school graduate
college financing
university undergraduation/graduate admission

What do you think? My problem is really to find the right targets for such a campaign…

Please help

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Split test LP vs Direct Linking. When I ran scholarships on FB my results were better just direct linking.

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Try this thread out:…r-follow-along

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if this is through scholarshipzone they are getting SUPER STRICT. They dont allow anything like that and also require publishers to be 100 percent transparent…

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Other suggestions?

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