External URL VS Facebook Pages For Advertising

Which Url do you use on your facebook ads? Anyone done both and see any difference? I don’t have a business to promote just want to use FB for promoting CPA offers.

Maybe some ppl here use pages to instead of external url to promote cpa offers? ( See any difference in ctr or maybe cheaper to use pages ) ?

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so i see you can’t target by group connection when you do external url

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I thought fb pages was so great then I realized they count "likes" as clicks and fb people tend to be like crazy.

But I had a campaign where I was able to get cheaper traffic through pages.

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Hey vuedoolor

I can’t speak from my own experience, but I have read elsewhere on the forum that advertising either a FB on-site Page, or a external URL with the open graph meta tags in place will result in a higher CTR, because of the Like button that shows up by the ad in both cases. So I guess the point is that this may be a good method to increase your CTR so that you can get cheaper clicks overall, but of course probably half the clicks you will be paying for (or whatever number) will be from people clicking the Like button, not your ad.

So, if you can find something that works and is still profitable with this setup, it may be a good way to get cheaper clicks than you normally would, i.e. maybe it could lower your CPC enough to make a "break even" campaign into a profitable one. I’m sure it won’t work every campaign though.. Like this:

Originally Posted by izmb

But I had a campaign where I was able to get cheaper traffic through pages.

The other benefit to the Like button is that it can create viral/organic traffic. I.E. one dude clicks "LIKE" by your ad, and then because of that the link is posted in his news Feed where his friends can see and click your link too, so theoretically, you could turn 1 click into XX amount of visitors this way, IF the user’s Friends end up clicking the link generated from the Like action. If you are using the Open Graph meta data, you can dictate EXACTLY what image, title, wording, etc is shown in the FB Feed…. If you are using an on-site Page, I think it will just show the Page title and the image set as the profile pic for the Page, so doing this with an external page would probably work much better… It definitely does work for driving traffic though, this is essentially one method I used to use to spam FB with.

One other tip you can maybe try is this: You can setup an on-site Page so that it will immediately redirect the user to your CPA offer when the user loads the Page.

What you can do is this:

1.) Setup Page.
2.) Add a Tab to the Page, and set it as the landing Tab (first Tab that will load when users who aren’t Fans load your Page)
3.) Add some Javascript to your Tab’s HTML, so that it will redirect the whole browser window to your CPA offer ONLOAD
4.) Now any user who visits your Page that is NOT a fan will be shown that Tab first, which will redirect them to your offer URL

EDIT: I should also note that if you do this, any visitor who clicks you link that has already "Liked" your Page will NOT land on the landing tab you have selected on default when they hit your FB Page.

Say this for example; Dude #1 sees your ad on FB and clicks Like underneath. Dude #1’s Friend sees the News Feed about your link, and also clicks "Like" on the Feed. He now "Likes" your Page. Now he clicks the link URL to see what it’s all about. He will be sent to your Page but will land on the info Tab or Wall Tab by default. Make sense?

Not sure if this will be of any use to you, but maybe it will help Let me know if you have any questions and also I will get back to your PM first thing in the morning, gonna crash very shortly 😛

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Can you get in trouble for doing this? Say I want to do this with a download offer which Facebook doesn’t normally allow. Can I get banned?

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I would say, if you are doing some shady shit, then yes of course you can get banned for doing this. Of course if you setup a campaign like this you would need to bait/switch the destination URL to get it approved, so if you change it after approval and they check and see it your campaign will be deleted or whatever they do, maybe your account banned…

I don’t use FB ads very much so I can’t say accurately what the repercussions would be, but I’d imagine they’d cancel your ad at the very least, and also block/ban the domain you were using if you used an external page to block viral/organic traffic to your URL from the Like Feeds that were generated from people Liking it.

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