Facebook: 1. campaign day

I hope some of you could help giving some advises.

So I’m at my first campaign day and here is how it has been going so far.


Win a trip to London (DK affiliate)
Lead Price: 1.37
Affiliate eCPC: 0.52

I created this landpage:
The text says click on the picture to proceed.

Here is my Facebook stats

Campaign with most click:


All 6 have the same text but different picture, to be hornest I thought another one was going to win.

Then to sats on
34 Click
Meaning I’m loosing something like 15% from Facebook to the landing page.

The to the networks stats:
15 click
4 leads
$5.48 Revenue
So only 38.5% get through to the campaign, and only 26% of those clicks.
Or you could look at it in another way only something like 10% of the facebook clicks I get generate into a click.

My earning pr click right now is at $0.16, which means I need to lower my CPC to that or need to have a higher convert.

So I’m a bit in doubt, where do I go from here ?

I notice that when I create the add I was only tageting like 60.000 people, is that to low ?

Do I just go ahead tomorrow, and pause 1-5, let number 6 run and wait for the cpc my to lower (I notice that is has gone down through the day) ?

Or do I keep number 6 and try with 5 new picture ?

Im really open for suggestion, and hope you guys have a lot you would like to share with me.


User Comment:
don’t use the suggested bid, start from 20-30% lower, use CPC first to identify your high CTR ads

User Comment:
Ok there’s 2 initial problems you need to correct:

1. Your landing page:
– Try a call to action button! (instead of the whole pic)
– Try a landing page that doesn’t look like a professional ad (something a bit more amatuer and interesting which will increase your CTR)

2. You need to up your AD CTR BIGGGG TIME!
Follow this guide:…-Amazing-CTR-s

Luckily both your issues are related, and by that i mean your campaign is boring. Users who see this aren’t engaged and excited to see what you have to offer! Show them cool things in London, or really weird pictures in London! No one wants to see the London subway sign 😛 ..and this applies for both your landing page and your ads. So overall you need to make it more exciting, which will up your CTR on your ads & your landing page.

User Comment:
@hd2010: Thanks, I will try to lower it next time and see what happens.

@stackman: Thanks, I see what you are saying, I will work on both tonight, and hopefully be ready with second round tomorrow.

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I’m really having a hard time getting started, I keep getting different’s idea and never really getting them done because I don’t know if it is going to work.

I was just thinking do you thing this is "legal":

Target people in Denmark who like "Mikkel Kessler" (126k), send them to a LP where I give them a question like on the Justin Bieber for PPV and them send them to a Danish Quiz Submit.

I what kind of Headline and body would I make ? Do I ask them the question already on Facebook ?

User Comment:
Hey man,

That should be legal, Whos Mikkel Kessler? You have to match this guy to the IQ Quiz, why do those 2 things relate? Thats your job otherwise you won’t see any conversions. So your initial question has to engage the user into filling out the IQ Quiz. As long as you do that the campaign will be workable. So you’ll have to work your headline/body around that concept.

I’d ask them the question on the Facebook ad itself, it’ll likely increase your CTR because your targeting is so tight.

The Article Published IN 03-29-2011 02:00 PM

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