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So i had 4 facebook accounts, I deleted 3 of them, then about 3 hrs later my main account got banned, and disabled.. which was the REAL ACCOUNT. They sent me a message saying fake accounts are not allowed and they terminated my account. Now how long should i wait before i start a new account?? I was going to make a new account tonight but would that be a bad idea?
Anyone have any suggestions?

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This was posted by Tijn in one of my FB posts

Dan did some excellent posts previously on this topic:…nts-in-6-Steps…r-Being-Banned

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Sweet, but all i want to know is if i create a new account just for fb ads will it get bannedagain?

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I think eventually, most of your accounts will get banned, but you can take steps to try and prevent it or make the account last as long as possible.

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You gotta just plan on the accounts going down. Even clean running accounts get the ban hammer eventually…

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