FACEBOOK ADVERSTIZING: profile account or ad account?


I’ve been mostly advertising on facebook using a user account with a profile but I recently tried creating an ad account not linked to any facebook profile.

And I was wondering if facebook is more strict with ad profiles the user profiles? Which you would recommend using?


User Comment:
Facebook will be tough on any type of account. So be prepared for that.

Reduce your risk by looking like a legit business, and that means having multiple "clients" some of which are of course not pushing CPA/Leadgen style offers.

When you get into big media agency or brand with big budgets I have seen them get away with stuff you and I would get banned for.

Check out the posts polarbacon did on facebook. Theres some huge tips in there about getting yourself setup with facebook in the best wauy.

The Article Published IN 09-27-2011 09:11 PM

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