Facebook Bidding Question

Hey bro, I have running a compaign, CPC on facebook:

I found that the compaign CPC bidding is different in 24 hours a day.

For example:
AM 09:00 Suggested Bid: $1.35 – 1.97 USD
AM 11:00 Suggested Bid: $1.03 – 1.57 USD
PM 06:00 Suggested Bid: $0.85 – 1.12 USD
PM 09:00 Suggested Bid: $1.74 – 2.01 USD

I think the difference is too big so that I need to sit at my computer constantly changes my bidding to adapt the price.

I don’t know whether my method is right, and I should how to do, please give me some advice, thank you very much!


User Comment:
It’s suppose to change based on your CTR but suggestion bid doesn’t always work out for me. I’d just set it at where it works and kinda change from there.

The Article Published IN 07-21-2011 10:25 PM

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