FaceBook Bids Prices Lately

Is anyone else seeing a sharp ish rise in cpc prices? I launched a very successful angle of mine into another country today and saw it bomb pretty badly, the audience reach was around 3 times as much (~ 2mil) but the best ads were getting 0.3X ctr’s with me paying 0.13-0.15, I think the cheapest I got clicks for were 0.12.

Maybe that specific angle was abit too large in that country, going to try out some smaller ones this week to test.

This time 2 weeks ago I was launching angle after angle and constantly hitting 0.02-0.07 cpc’s off the bat.

Another factor I took into consideration was the epc of that specific country, it was a fair bit lower too so I had to take that into account. Based on a quick sum i needed about 0.10 clicks to make profit – the volume is definately there so if I could get results like a couple or weeks ago it would definetly fatten my bank account some more

/rank over

User Comment:
It really depends on the country, not all CTR will necessarily = x.xx per click. Usually they are similar though.
Over the last 2 months since banning’s started Ive noticed a lot of sketchy things.

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