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Kia Ora Stackers,

Have a couple of questions regarding my latest FB Campaign.

My target is both females and males 20+ in the USA – payout $13.50

If I use Broad Targeting clicking 1 Category, which is really targeted, I get an Estimated Reach of 1,440,980 people.
By adding another Category, which is closely targeted, the total jumps to 31,031,580 Estimated Reach.

The offer which is in the Health Niche would be suitable for both Categories.

My question therefore is –

While 1,440,980 people is a very large data base, is it better to stick with that one category or target the 31,031,580
or are these totals just way to large.

The only way the totals fall, is to split the ages into say 5year groups and even doing that, only drops the first number
to around 800,000 in each age group.

The other question – CPM or CPC bidding.

CPM – Suggested Bid: 0.53 – 0.84
CPC – Suggested Bid: 1.24 – 1.95

The Estimated Reach totals were a real shock as the 1,440,980 is a tightly targeted group.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


User Comment:
Depending on your budget I’d test both. Its a pretty large demo though. I haven’t tested the categories much yet but the few test I’ve done did not perform nearly as well as keywords do.

You can try looking up the offer URL in Google trends to see which cities/states are the most active and then break the large demo into a city.

The category targeting seems very broad and I’m not sure how they get their data

User Comment:
Thank you Deon – will have a look at the city targeting as you said.

Need to break it down somewhat. Estimated Reach totals were a surprise, as the 1,440,980 is a tightly targeted group.

What bidding do you suggest based on those bid amounts.?

User Comment:
CPC while testing out is what I recommended, CPM should be tested in when you have ads that are performing well.

The Article Published IN 06-26-2011 11:50 AM

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