Facebook checks deleted campaigns

Maybe old news to some but still …

Just reviewed my logs and found that today a reviewer checked an ad/campaign that i deleted a few days ago !

The ad only got a few thousand impressions and a few clicks.

So be carefull with deleted campaigns and make sure they point to a safe url (mywot).

User Comment:
if i delete an ad i can’t edit it anymore, also i can’t see the URL anymore
or i’m doing it wrong (because those ads are in a campaign that is deleted too)?

User Comment:
You are doing it the right way. Just make sure the url points to a safe destination (for mywot).

User Comment:
Yeah they review all of your ads whenever they feel like it, it seems. I’ve gotten tons of clicks from their IPs on campaigns that are months old.

The Article Published IN 10-03-2011 02:24 PM

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