Facebook – CPC or CPV? Any formula?

Hey guy,
i’ve got a short question about advertising on facebook. Is there any formula or "guideline" i can built my ad payment on – should i pay pay per click or pay per 1k views?

for example "if the clickprice is higher than 0,25 than pay ‘pay per view’"?
Or on which data you decide in which way you wanna pay?

greetings from ger,

User Comment:
cpc most cases is best to start with…..unless its in a country with cpm’s that are low 10-20 cents……just ignore the payment with FB….on some offers with low payouts they convert so well that it makes up for any lower payout concerns you may have…..

User Comment:
Ok, so i start at the beginning with cpc if the payment per click is lower than max 20 cents, did i get it right?

User Comment:

if the cpm (the other choice you have in fb) is less than 20 cents (suggested) I would test with cpm…..

if the cpm is more than 20 cents (suggested) I would chose cpc instead

I don’t care about what the offer pays out……that has no bearing at all on my choice…..

The Article Published IN 07-01-2011 05:10 PM

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