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This is my first thread, and I hope my questions will improve much more in quality than this.

I trying facebook adds for the first time (actually second, last time I stopped at the same problem).

I went to peerfly, and just found an add I though I would give a try:

Free Snuggle Sample (2779)

Went to facebook, and try to set up the first add.

But then try to look at the CPC

There is no way I will ever make money on this, when peerfly has a CR of 12.66% and paying 1.40$.

They way I see it my CPC should be below 11 cents, then of cause it can be that facebook converts better than the average.

But do you guys simply just enter a lower CPC, og is it because of some of my other selections ?

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Hey Kprimdal,

I can make this pretty simple to understand.
Facebook is saying your suggested bid should $1.56, so you should start your initial bid around there. So lets go with $1.30. Now your goal is to lower your CPC from $1.30 down to roughly $0.11 which is 100% possible. The way you can get 11 cent bids is by having a very high CTR! The higher your CTR the lower your bids will be.

So you don’t want to lower your CPC at the beginning, because then your ads won’t show. You want to start your bids off high, get a high CTR, then lower your bids! As your CTR increases your suggested bid will decrease.

How to achieve a high CTR?
– Small target market
– Use facebook keywords
– Have good ad headlines
– Have amazing and interesting ad images

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^^ Right what stack said.

On my campaigns I’ve been running the suggested has been anywhere from $1-$2 and I always bid slightly lower than the suggested minimum. In most cases I found clicks where coming in at <10cents (sometimes getting them down to 2cents)

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Thanks, how about the daily budget. What is the suggestion for a newbie like me ? Im not on any specific budget, but I also dont want to throw to many money at it when im just starting out, and I ofcause also have to go with many different adds.

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I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I always set it high, even when I had a new account and limited to $50/day I set it to like $xxx or something. I tend to be setting it at my daily budget for each campaign to my max spend (currently $1,000 apart from a new campaign I’ve launched which I want to try and get more traffic to so I’ve set it to $1,200)

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Thanks Rich.

Great to get started, then it is just annoying to find out that the adds I chosen is not available outside US, and apparently it has to be available no matter what the location is. So I need to find a new

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Ah that does suck, especially as facebook doesn’t have the best approval process lol

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Lol, yep if the ad isn’t available to Facebook reviewers that = guaranteed disapproval.

@Kprimdal Also just a note, if you don’t want to overspend, set your daily budget at about 7-10x the offer payout. So if your offer is paying $5, make your daily budget between $35-$50. That should be sufficient funds for preliminary testing

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I was really hoping for a much easier start. It seams like all peerfly adds needs a landing pages in order to use facebook. So i choose to use a danish networks, and I get exactly the same fault:

The destination URL of this ad violates Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines or could not be reviewed.

I guess there is no other way than to start creating some landing pages, I just thought I would start without and them send traffic directly instead, so that I did not loose any in the process.

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Dude, are you using prosper or any other tracking? If you do, you just change your link to a website everyone can acces. This can be the same website as your offer – if be2 dating is your offer you just use as your link. After your ad is approved, you change that link back to your affiliate url. Watch out that you set your campaign to pause so you wont be sending clicks to the fake site when you are approved.

Go apply on wolf storm media, EWA, neverblue … etc so you have a wider range of networks to choose offer from

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Thanks Marcovandaar, good advise.

Im not using any tracking right now, but apparently need to start doing that now, so I can do something like that. I was thinking on relying on the start from the network and facebook first.

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Setup tracking, it’ll take you an hour and then you can use any offer you want behind your tracking URL without a landing page!

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Okay, so I have set up tracking202 now,

I tried with:

Which then lead to:

I still got a fail within 30 sec from Facebook

The destination URL of this ad violates Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines or could not be reviewed. Please check the URL you have submitted to ensure that it is free of any spelling errors and that it complies with our Advertising Guidelines. Please note that all sites must be viewable and that they are functioning properly, regardless of the viewer’s location. Additionally, sites are prohibited from linking to proprietary file types (.pdf, .doc, etc,) initiating automatic downloads, or trapping a user’s browser in any way (e.g., pop-ups of any kind). Before resubmitting your ad, please visit our Help Center for additional information and examples compliant with our Advertising Guidelines.

Now I tried something different.

Set up a 301 redirect on one of my blogs.

redirect to:…icrosite2/1196

Which is not the tracking link from the network, so hopefully it is going to success this time. Then if it get approved I can change it to the tracking url.

Only problem is just im loosing speed by doing it this way.

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Hmmm still dont work. Im kind a lost. What is it you are telling me, that im not doing ?

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You need your own Domain Name, a VPS hosting account (beyond hosting/or ServInt) and install prosper202 on it. Do not use tracking202 links, I’m pretty sure those links are banned/or not allowed on FB because of spammers. Now you can use that domain (your tracking URL) to use for all your campaigns you build for FB, POF, adbrite, etc. or any other ad platform.

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Yeah use the self-hosted Prosper202.

I see that your location is Singapore? Me too!

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Yes, I live in Singapore, I have been here for around 3 years now, and just love the place.

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