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Hey Folks

I created a facebook fan page just for fun a few years ago for a well known product. The page has about 760k likes now but I seem not to be able to post a status message (?).

Top 3 Countries:
329,512 – United Kingdom
95,965 – Australia
45,744 – Greece

Now… what shall I do with this drunken sailor?


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You cant post to your own page? Thats really weird. Whats the URL?

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lol. thats awesome!

i can post a comment on the wall. No idea why you cant?

Monitize that shit

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ps. if you need some ideas give me a shout on skype – got some ideas

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Yeah man this is golden.. are FP’s worth a decent chunk of cash? I know it’s all dependent on varying factors but still

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Does it still say you are the page admin and can you edit the page? Facebook probably took over control of your page since it was a product name. Naming your pages something like, "I Love Maltesers", will decrease the changes of Facebook taking the page from you.

The Article Published IN 09-29-2011 03:55 PM

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