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Have you done much with creating fan pages and promoting through them/selling them?

Is it even worth messing with that sort of thing or just learning the paid side?



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I’ve tried in the past to create pages to promote offers but it got shutdown quick. It’s really hard to do now. About 6 months ago and before it was much easier and that’s probably when you saw the most spam pages. The only way to do it and make good money is to have it auto invite your friends lists with hidden "invite" buttons.

For example:
– A user clicks a Facebook page to see "8 reasons why girls like tequila"
– "To view this content you must click here to confirm your human"
– When the user clicks "confirm" the script auto invites all their friends, and posts the group on the persons wall.
– Then this cycle repeats and it’s a process which garners a lot of potential likes and a lot of leads

This is now near impossible to do, and Facebook just made an example out of some spammers a few months ago with a lawsuit so i don’t recommend this.

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks.

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It’s actually impossible to do now. Facebook has removed the "invite all" option. The maximum number is now 50 or 25 friends that you can invite. After 24 hours you can invite another batch but that’s basically useless.

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what works for me is to create a fan page for the product I’m promoting (with my domain). I can then link that to the ads I promote and videos I post on YouTube. It’s worth having for support behind your promotions. works best – $27

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