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I was always wondering what the best action to take when starting a new campaign with facebook, I mean sometimes I’ll submit 20-50 ads or so and only 5-10 get through, should I keep the campaign paused until I have a good majority approved and ready or just have the campaign running and keep submitting new ones trying to get those through.


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Either or, if your looking to get things started and see some results then activate it.

Overall either method you mentioned won’t affect whether your ads get approved or not.

1 thing though, sometimes i feel that once you get ads disapproved on a campaign they disapprove more ads than they would normally when you resubmit new ads (not 100% sure on this, just how i feel after seeing it happen a lot) So i sometimes submit newer ads within a new campaign/campaign name.

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what about when you submit 50 images… and all your impressions get skewed towards a few images? Is pausing/unpausing the best way to do it? How many impressions do you like to see to get accurate CTR’s Stackman?

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I don’t really notice my impressions getting skewed. The only reason i know of impressions getting skewed is because they lean towards the better CTR ads. If you leave it for a bit, each ad you have will get enough impressions for you to determine whether to keep or drop it. If it has a CTR of 0.01 and 4 clicks, then you probably don’t have tro worry about testing it completely because it’s probably not going to yield the right CTR you want anyways.

For ads that look promising I’ll usually test to 50-100 clicks to determine whether to keep it or not. Sometimes you can tell after 30 or so clicks per ad.

The Article Published IN 02-23-2011 01:43 PM

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