Facebook keywords/likes confusion..

I keep hearing to use keywords and likes in the facebook platform. Looking at my facebook advertising account. Their are two options available for targeting. I’ve provided a screen shot at the bottom of my post.


Precise Interests.


Broad Category Targeting

Where you can choose categories, facebook will narrow down the criteria if someone is in "One" of the categories chosen. Not down to several categories the person has chosen. Such as Basketball, Hip hop/Rap etc.

Such as how POF works.

Occasionally I will get the following options, where it will say

Suggested Likes & Interests

Example for the following interests "Simpsons and Homer".

Once I choose more than one facebook will say.

As you can see I’m quite confused, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s my screen shot of my facebook account. As you can see their isn’t "Likes". Every screen shot I see has "Likes and Interests".

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User Comment:
yea, the "Broad Category Targeting" is a relatively new thing. I’d suggest sticking to keywords. Type them in where it says "Enter an Interest" and they will do a sort of auto-match thing. "Likes" are "Interests"

User Comment:
ok thanks for the clarification.

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