facebook not charging your cc?

usually they charge around 2.30 PM EST, but lately it’s getting later and later and it’s already the next day here, they havent charged my cc yet. anybody else experiencing here?

User Comment:
They’ve waited for three days on me personally. That’s the longest for myself personally. I’ve heard of them hitting people up to two weeks later, though.

So just be careful. I think it’s cool that you asked that question by the way.

User Comment:
yeah i dont want them to charge my cc for 3 – 4 days bill all at once, my cc limit is pretty low.
once they didnt charge me anything for 2 weeks and I have to remind them to start charging me and to do it slowly else I wouldnt be able to pay.

The Article Published IN 08-29-2011 01:47 PM

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