Facebook optimizing ads based on status?

So i was on facebook, and made a status update about me being tired or something that day, and bam, right when i hit post, the ads on the right refreshed and I saw headlines stating, " Are you Tired Of Bad Games" "Tired Of Boring Games" etc headlines and they were your basic game app installs..

Is there something that shows us the most used keywords as status updates because this could be golden for getting lots of traffic and higher CTRS!!

I’m sure lots of people put "bored" as their status as well, meaning we could say something like are you bored? meet singles.. etc

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yeah I’ve seen that too it tries to match the ads with keywords in your status

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Cool – must be part of the new broad interest targeting feature?

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no its not broad targeting.. its like the EXACT keywords.. try it yourself it usually changes it up the ads i mean for me

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Originally Posted by vidivo

Is there something that shows us the most used keywords as status updates

I’d like to find something like this as well… In the meantime you can get a rough idea of the popularity of current status keywords by searching for them w/ a site like and seeing how many results there are atm. (this could work well for trending topics) But a list of the top ~1k kw’s on statuses over the last day/week would be really nice

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Yeah I’ve seen this for a while, it’s based on targeting ads to your ‘most recent self’. It may say you liked sesame street in your profiles ‘likes’, but 10 years later if you haven’t changed it and you may not like sesame street anymore, so i think they probably try to target based on status/wall before your likes (unless it was directly targeted to them).

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I also noticed that facebook now update the ads shown when you comment, like, or take similar action on a page. So not just on page reload I guess they gotta do something to push up those revenues!!

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