Facebook & Paypal not working

Facebook and Paypal not playing nice, here’s the rundown, any ideas?

Bought PVA from a guy
changed email address in FB from the one he used to a email (his idea)
signed up for paypal with email
added cc to paypal using vps in same area as cc billing info
added paypal to fb as payment source
ran traffic
fb billed paypal for $77 with no problem
next day fb tried to bill paypal for $250 and would not work
i added some funds to the paypal balance from another paypal account
fb billed paypal fine
next day fb tried to bill paypal again (no balance left) and it was rejected

so it appears fb will bill paypal fine ONLY IF there is available $$ in the actual paypal balance… but wont take cc or verified bank account.

any suggestions on how i can get it working?

User Comment:
don’t use paypal……personally I have had nothing but issues with paypal…..get a new cc….open up a new bank account or whatever

my 2 cents

The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 04:00 AM

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