Facebook Rep?

I was trying to access my ads and what replaced the "Manage Your Ads" link was a "Contact Sales Team"

So my first impression was "awwwwwwww shizzles. I got banned." I tried clicking the link and it looked like I had to fill out a form, so I did, and now some guy is gonna call me in 2 days. Apparently I’m getting a facebook rep.

Is this good or bad? I don’t want someone constantly monitoring my ads and threatening me to change my images or headlines.

User Comment:
FB has silly algorithms doing most of the work. It would be nice if they would flag accounts for human review before banning them though. With the way FB’s been banning accounts, I don’t think it could get any worse so that being said a rep doesn’t sound bad. I’m just wondering how much of a rep he/she will be. Do you have a large account with them like $100,000+ spent or something along those lines?

User Comment:
Rep= much more monitoring of your account. Sign up as an agency and not an Affiliate. Then make a ton of ads you know will get approved. After that no one will bother you

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 12:54 AM

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