Facebook Woes

I’ve had some success with FB up till recently with INTL
dating offers, but for some reason, my ads just CAN’T get
approved these past few days.

I know how random ad-approving is at FB etc, but these days
it just seems abnormal on my account.

– Disapproval is almost immediate.
– No cleavage.
– Ad text has been approved previously.
– Tried submitting at various times of day.

So the only thing I could think of is probably my domain name
has been blacklisted?

Could such a thing even happen?

User Comment:
Domain names can be blacklisted, but usually you’d be banned if it was (i think).

Have you ran dating before, do you know all the ins/outs of making sure there ‘single’, ‘interested in women’ etc..
If so i really don’t know, my first attempt would be to try a new domain for sure in a completely new campaign.

User Comment:
Yeah I’ve run dating with some success before ($500-$800/day gross)
which is why I’m scratching my head at the moment.

Oh well let me try a couple more times before I try a new domain, because
that would be a hassle

User Comment:
Had the same issue a while back.

Are you putting the name of the dating site in the ad? Once i started doing that all my ads went through no probs. However the immediacy of the disapproval points to something else maybe

User Comment:
Yeah I am.

I’m doing international though, let’s say for

I’m saying in the ad, not or, I don’t think that would matter?

Made my first ad in a new FB account though, let’s see if it gets through this time.

User Comment:
Writing in the body copy and linking to even if it’s a redirect should work fine even for INTL traffic.

User Comment:
Hey I just tried creating new ads in my new FB account and they went through perfectly.

Some shady QS thingy going on it seems.

User Comment:
Jeeze that’s interesting… have you had any warnings or anything on your other account?

User Comment:
Nope, there was only once where FB didn’t allow me to make any
new ads because they suspected I was using automation. (Damn they’re right!)

The Article Published IN 04-05-2011 01:30 AM

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