False Border Images on FB from the Amsterdam Meetup

I just got back from the Amsterdam Meetup Adsimilis hosted. It was by far one of the most amazing trips of my life. The city was amazing. The weather kicked ass (compared to this 100 degree heat in the South). The women were friggin beautiful. I did my share of being a creepy foreigner while in town and it was worth it. I met a lot of new contacts and friends there and was blown away by some of their success stories.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for Adsimilis for putting this on!


Okay, so myself and few other buddies were asked to partake in the Facebook Q/A panel where we did our best to answer questions from anything to getting images through to cloaking bizopps and what not.

One of the requests were for me to post up some pics of what I would call "false border" images that really stand out from the crowd. You can apply this trick to just about anything from banners to 110×80 pics for dating campaigns.

Here’s what they basically look like:

As you can see it’s nothing more than drawing a box and placing that layer behind a cropped out pic of a girl. I don’t use anything fancy doing the job. Just the trusty eraser and marquee tool.

Time after time, the second image of the girl in the pink dress out performed tons of images I tested like this. I have no idea why. There’s barely any cleavage there. But apply this to all of your images for dating and really anything else. Find your own pics, change colors, saturation… the list goes on.

Post any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.


User Comment:
Good stuff man…..

and its good to see pedobear was there to keep you away from the 17yr olds…..

just sayin’

User Comment:
Great advice!
I’m glad you enjoyed Amsterdam!

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That’s da shit, Imma try that and see how it works on some 300×250 stuff

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yes it was a nice meet up. i was actually fooling around with this today haha. thanks for your examples though, drawing a box and using the eraser tool works much faster.

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what a great idea!

a quick and dirty way to achieve this if you have an image with a white background and don’t want to lose time with the eraser tool (sorry my photoshop is in german…):

1. create a new document in photoshop, enter document height/width, make a white background.

2. create a new layer, draw the border, about 3/4 of the size of the background.

3. insert the chick, resize until you like her. but wait… the b*itch is concealing my border!!

4. double click the layer with the chick and slide _this_ ruler thingie from right to left until you see the border in the background!

5. move her up a tiny bit.

6. save, smile and think about all the possibilties you have with this awesome harry fucking potter magic!


ps. if the chick were on a black background you’d have to pull the slider on the left side from left to right. play with the sliders on different images… cool stuff!


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Yeah used that quite some times and it worked very good, CTR wise

User Comment:
nice idea Ill try that respect for the tip

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Great tip groomez! Thanks for sharing.

User Comment:
Fricking awesome groomez! +1 rep for pedo gif!

User Comment:
Was nice meeting you there, we made party ;-)!

Thanks for explaining this a bit more detailed!

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